My experience with rails development - Html options with select_hour helper

Nowadays i am showing more interest with twitter bootstrap framework and started implementing in our projects. After facing lot of challenges with Html5 & CSS3, it gives me a lot more confident in working with that.


I faced a trivial issue while working with rails but kills more time to fix it. A quick idea raised to share that and here is the post.

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My experience with rails development - rake assets:precompile

As we have released our rails based startup app, our team now focussed towards the payment integration.

While working with the UI integration of the payment screens, i faced an issue which makes me to stuck up with that for an hour. I just want to share my experience about the issue and how i solved that.

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We write small pieces of code that make a test pass. Bad code is hard to test, so if we write the test first, we are less likely to write complex code. Therefore our app will be easier to maintain on the long run.
I read the above point while working on Rails Unit Testing. This is extracted from the lessons learnt by the author and this is the point that need to be keep in mind in software development. I liked this and hence i posted this as a quote.

Our Day-2 Short summary @RubyConfIndia 2012


In this post we (@manimaranm and @anansubu) plan to give our views of Day-2 @RubyConfIndia 2012.

Today we felt more comfortable with venue as well as the ruby folks, and said “Hi” to all new friends whom we got on Day1. 

Ajey Gore started the day two proceedings with a quick welcome note. As the session was ended quickly, we were eagerly waiting for the next session.

Next session was our most awaited one - How to Win? by Mikel Lindsaar. It was awesome. The session was more about on the principles that need to be adapted by the developers in their life in order to win.

All other sessions were good. Among them the speeches given by Niranjan Prabhakar Sarade, Sidu Ponnappa and Aninda Kundu was more informative.

As the closing video keynote was cancelled, the day ended with Lightning Talks.

We took photographs for our memories.  

Overall organizers really done a very good job. Most special thing about them was all were helping the conference attendees with utmost care from the Day-1 morning and kept the momentum going till to the end of Day-2 sessions.

The organizers got feedback from the attendees in order to correct their mistakes in the upcoming conferences. This we felt as a good thing. At the same time, Closing and Networking was not happened as we expected.

As a whole, we had a wonderfull experience at RubyConfIndia 2012. We would also like to give some brief on individual sessions that we liked most in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned..!

Our Day-2 Plan @RubyConfIndia 2012

We both(@manimaranm and @anansubu) are ready for day-2 at @RubyConfIndia 2012. Here is our plan for the day.

We are going to attend the following sessions which we struggled a bit to choose from the Day-2 sessions. It seems all are very interesting. 

Hope the welcome speech by @AjeyGore will start the day in good mood. We are already spoke with @lindsaar about our expectations on his keynote. We are eager to listen to his speech - How to Win?

Sex, Money and Evolution - Simulation and Data Analysis with Ruby and R by Chang Sau Sheong

      Hope his speech will initiate more interest on data analysis.

What lies beneath the beautiful code? by Niranjan Prabhakar Sarade

      We are very eager to know how ruby code is interpreted behind the scenes. How complex the things are happening behind to make the language more fun.

Smells and patterns in test/spec code by Sidu Ponnappa and Aninda Kundu & Large scale Ruby project, challenges and Pitfalls by Karunakar

        The above two sessions are going to be more helpful in setting up the project environment and writing the test cases. Our team struggled a lot in this and i hope this sessions will be an eye opener in writing test cases.

Which Mobile Development framework should I choose? by Abhishek Nalwaya

         Our company is planning to enter in to mobile development and we hope this session will be an initiator for that.

All set and we are looking forward to Day-2  @RubyConfIndia 2012. 

Our Day-1 Short summary @RubyConfIndia 2012

RubyConfIndia 2012

In this post myself along with @anansubu want to give some quick snapshot of Day-1 @RubyConfIndia 2012.

The day one went as per our schedule. But we missed few things here and there. 

The venue is nice. The WiFi connectivity helped the people to share their thoughts about the sessions on the go in their social media.

We were able to meet all the people whom we planned to meet. We talked with @lindsaar and @IndianGuru and also took some snaps with them.

All the sessions were good. Among them the speeches given by @headius and @deobald were really awesome. 

The speakers who handled the session after lunch struggled hard to keep the people awake due to the delicious lunch.

Day 1 ended with lightning talks which is new to us. Though the speeches were really at lightning fast, we were able to catch some interesting information.

The organizers did a wonderful job on day 1 except one thing which we would like to comment. The people felt inconvenient to identify which session on which track as the summary information is not available at the venue other than the RubyConfIndia site.

Overall, we liked the Day 1 session, a lot. We would also like to give some brief on individual session in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned for that.

Our Day-1 Plan @RubyConfIndia 2012

As a followup of my previous post, i am going to write my plan for @rubyconfindia along with @anansubu.

We have come across lot of topics on Day-1 session and all seems to be interesting. But parallel sessions are there. We don’t want to miss anything but its not possible for attending all of them. And hence we decide to attend based on our interests and needs. Also by analyzing the various speaker keynotes, we have decided to attend the following sessions.

Welcome by Ajey Gore, Keynote by Charles Nutter and Video Keynote by Matz

      This initial sessions will definitely help us to adapt to the new environment. Also hope these speeches will give more interests to attend the upcoming sessions.

View Components in Rails by Harun Abbas Pathan

        This is the first session we both are planning to attend. The reason behind attending this session is to fully understand some key points in using view components in rails. As we are facing difficulty in using rails views effectively in our startup project, hope this session will guide us to overcome that.

Ruby for the soul of Big Data nerds by Abhishek Parolkar

         @anansubu will be attending this session. As a database and cloud enthusiast, this session will give more idea for him on data analysis.

Sandboxing Ruby Code - Lessons from the battlefield by Tejas Dinkar and Jasim A Basheer

       As we are planning to set up Continuous Integration server in our project environment, i am more interested to attend this session. Hope i will get some practical guidelines through this session.

Responsive Design: now 90% easier with SASS! by Arpan CJ

      As our startup project is going to be used by various gadget users, we are both planning to attend this session. Hope this SASSY thing will give some food for our thought.  

clojure is my favourite ruby by Steven Deobald

    As i have come across clojure while i start learning ruby through RubyLearning, i do have some interest to get more knowledge on this. But i didn’t get a chance to go through that. Hope this will give some initiate on this.

Unity by Arun Tomar & VoIP on Rails in India by Sandip Ransing and Shailesh Patil

    As we don’t have much idea on these sessions, we need to decide which to attend on the run.

Lightning Talks

    As from the title, we are able to get that this session will be more interactive and we are eagerly expecting this session.

Hope we will be gaining some benefits in the Day 1 sessions to share with our Kyyba folks - @gauravkishore, @sundarishree & @judesahayaraj.

Stay tuned for our experience on the above sessions in the upcoming posts.

I am Attending Ruby Conf India 2012

I am attending RubyConf India 2012

All set for my trip to RubyConf India. I am leaving for the conference along with my colleague @anansubu. Plan to write about my experiences in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned guys… :)

My Experience with Ruby & RoR Community - Thanks

Through this post, I just want to show my gratitude to my fellow community people @kotplarryzhao and @j_stirk for their patience in getting through some of the issues i worked and stuck with that in Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails

I faced an unknown issue while working with our RoR app which i initially thought it as a problem due to github. I posted it in stackoverflow to rectify that problem. Since i couldn’t have time to wait, i posted that in Twitter and i got immediate response from Victor who i felt as my mentor for Ruby. I greatly appreciate his effort in guiding me to find solution for this issue. Even though i couldn’t fully solve that issue, he helped me to narrow down the issue. Soon i will be working on that to solve it completely. Also, i am planning to post my solution as a post which helps people in my community to make use of that. Also it would not complete if i forget to say my thanks to larryzhao who initiate the stack thread in digging my problem to find the solution.

And the next one is regarding my initial push for learning the unit testing in rails. I do not get an idea of how to implement it in our app. For that i started reading the concepts of cucumber and rspec using the books - The RSpec Book: Behaviour-Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends and The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers. Able to get some basic understanding of that and there comes Jason who really helped to throw some idea of where to move ahead practically. Even-though i got his help as a professional adviser, the way he guide me is in-depth and make me to realize where i have missed. As i am now in a starting stage, soon i will be in a position to share more about the unit testing concepts to my community and that credit will definitely goes to him.

All these guys anyhow give me an idea of how to start make use of community to solve the problems and i am very happy to share my experience which will definitely help few members like me in this community. Once again thank you guys for your outstanding support.